Lightly Roasted Thoughts

Resources I use (and love)

Are you looking for some awesome resources and really great gear? Then you’re in the right place! Here are everything(almost) I can’t live without and that I need to run my digital businesses. I’d never recommend anything that I don’t use and love myself!



I swear by this theme, it’s clean, easy to use, responsive and super easy to modify. All of my websites run on Astra – and so does my clients. I’ve tried a lot of different themes, but this one spoke to me. I strongly recommend it (and I don’t even use the paid version – so it’s completely free!). 

I’ve tried both Mailchimp and Convertkit but found both either confusing or expensive. Then I found Mailerlite. It’s equally as userfriendly as Convertkit but it’s free up to 1000 subscribers – wich is more than enough if you’re just starting out. I strongly recommend it!

I know, everyone is talking about it. But I have to list it here, because it’s a lifesaver when it comes to scheduling and growing on Pinterest(!). I’d never would have been able to grow as fast without it and it saves me both time and energy.

I’ve always used the Adobe suite for everything – until I found Canva. It’s a super easy and user friendly graphic design tool where I create instagram posts, pinterest pictures etc. You can even save your templates, colors and fonts so that can you optimize your design process.

This is the first plugin I install when building a new wordpress site for either myself or a client. There is no better page builder than Elementor. And to get the best stuff, you don’t even have to upgrade to the pro version. The free version is just as great!


As a graphic/ux designer and a photographer there is no tool I use as much as the Adobe suite. My most used tool is Photoshop (photographs) and my second most used tool is Illustrator(graphic design). I know, it can be a bit expensive – but it’s absolutely worth it. You can do almost anything and the subscription includes a lot of great programs.  

Okay, not really something uniqe. But Youtube is an understated resource when it comes to almost anything. Here you can learn whatever you can think of – and it’s 100% free. Learning doesn’t have to be expensive!