How to set goals to find and plan your dream life.

How to Set Goals and Plan for Your Dream Life in 5 Steps

How to set goals to find and plan your dream life.

How to set goals and plan for your Dream life

Do you feel unmotivated, uninspired and directionless? Do you want to plan your dream life, get inspired and find your path? Then you’re in the right place!

In this post, I’m gonna talk all about goal setting and how I plan so that I can do things every day that brings me closer to my big goals in life. I’m talking about five- and ten-year goals. No dream is too big or too far off. Everything is possible.

This guide is divided into 5 steps(dreams, goals, plans, changes and updates), and in step 2 I share my free printable worksheet were you can plan your dream life!

Step 1. What’s your dream life?

The first thing you need to do is to decide what you want. Where do you want to be in five years, or even ten years? Who do you want to be?

Here you can use your core values as a guide. You can read all about how to find your core values here where I talk about why they are the most important thing for you to find in life.

As an example

My core value regarding work is to be flexible and be able to set my own goals. So a future that aligns with my core values is one where I can work from home doing creative stuff that can help others. So – here I am on my journey towards that dream life!

Think about what is important to you, your core values, and try to think of a future where you align perfectly with your values. How would that feel? Where would you be? What would you have achieved by then?

And if the things you come up with doesn’t align with your core values, they aren’t your dreams. They are things that seem cool, important, smart or appropriate. But they aren’t what would make you happy.

The most important thing about your five-year vision is that it’s yours. It can be scary or feel completely impossible. The best dreams do. They are supposed to scare you, they are your innermost wish.

It’s like telling someone you love them for the first time. Anything is possible because it’s up to your imagination to decide the outcome.

But when you’ve let go of the control you’re suddenly bare and vulnerable. You’ve played out all of your cards and just hoping that the universe won’t screw you over. And I can promise you, the universe will screw you over. But that’s okay – because you’ll have a plan.

What you should do

I want you to take 15 minutes (or however long time you need) and just sit and daydream. Make some coffee (or chocolate) and sit down somewhere comfortable. You can, and I’d recommend you to, divide your dream life into different categories to create a more detailed vision.

You can, by all means, use the categories you used for your core values here, which were work/education, relationships, self-care/health and hobbies/spare time.

Here are 7 questions to get your imagination going

– What urge am I holding back?

– If I had one year to live, what would I regret if I didn’t do it?

– I’m an alien in a human body experiencing life for the first time. I have no experience and the ability to be whoever you want. What do I become?

– If I wasn’t able to feel fear, what would I do?

– What makes me forget to eat?

– If I could visit my future self, which life would that person have if anything was possible?

– How does a future where I’m completely aligned with my core values look?  

Step 2. Set some goals

Now, that you have an idea of what your dream life may hold I want you to transform the ideas into goals. Because they will be the cornerstones for the rest of our planning.

Differentiating your dreams by category can make the planning easier, so try to describe your goals in one sentence per category. And remember, it’s important that they are aligned with your core values.

I used the categories of work/education, relationships, self-care/health and hobbies/spare time.

To make awesome goals they also need to be achievable, challenging, measurable and have a deadline.

Example (category health)

Core value: I want to be able to trust my body

Goal: To run a marathon in five years.

Achievable: Yes, I have two legs and the ability to run(last I checked anyhow)

Challenging: Yes, today I can run five hundred meters (maybe longer, but I think that my back would kill me).

Measurable: Yes, I can measure how long I can run

Deadline: The marathon day

And I know that this can be hard because believe me, I want to do a thousand different things at the same time. But one goal doesn’t rule out others. 

You just need to focus on one thing at a time. In ten years, you can achieve more things then you can count. But you can’t do them all at once.

Choose the one dream that has stuck for the longest time – or is a combination of different dreams. Like blogging is a combination of my love for writing, graphic design, taking pretty pictures and self-development.

What I want you to do

As I said in the beginning, I’ve created a worksheet for you where you both can fill out your goals in the same way as I did in the example, and plan your dream life in daily to-dos.

To get the free printable guide, sign up to my newsletter below and you’ll get a download link right away. I’ve collected all of the things that have helped me to stay on track – and hopefully, they’ll help you as well!

Now, take your worksheet (or grab a pen and paper) and write down your goals by category!

Sign up and download a FREE printable Worksheet to plan for your Dream life


Step 3.  How to plan for your dream life

Now your core values, dream life ideas, and goals are written down. They’re all achievable, challenging, measurable and have a deadline – let’s start to plan for your dream life!

In the worksheet, I’ve divided every goal into 8 sections. What you have to do within 5 years,  3 years, 2 years, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month and 1 week to reach your goal.

On top of that, the worksheets also include a daily planner for the next 4 weeks so you can plan your first weeks in more detail.


5 years: I will by my dream house

3 years: I will be working to save for the down payment

2 years: I’ve found a job and I’ll be working to save for the down payment

1 year: I’ll be studying/working to improve my salary

6 months: I will have found a good job/somewhere I can advance (or a course that can help me get the job that I want)

3 months: I will have applied for relevant courses/job

4 weeks: I will have a selection of courses/jobs I want to apply to

1 week: I want to have figured out what I want to study/work as.

What I want you to do

Write down where you have to be in all of those timelines to reach your long term goal. Be more specific as you get closer to the presence. Write it down in the order you feel is the easiest or most logical. Either from long-term to short-term or the other way around.

The most important thing you need to know is that you’re not creating a shortcut. You are creating new habits and you are redirecting your life to be in line with what you truly want. And that’s not easy. It’s hard and scary – and that’s okay.

I believe in you, and so should you.

How to set goals to find and plan your dream life.

Step 4. Habits and Cornerstone Changes

Lastly, you should decide which big, and small, changes you have to do to get going in the right direction. I want you to do something every day for every goal, however small or unnecessary it feels. By doing this you remind yourself of your goals and keep your ball rolling.

What I want you to do

In the worksheet, there’s a section where I want you to write down the new habits you’ll have to create and your new cornerstone changes. Because you’ll probably need to do some of both.

Example of these are:

– Have self-care Sundays (habit)

– Play games with my family every Tuesday (habit)

– Meditate for five minutes every morning (habit)

– Learn graphic design (cornerstone change)

– Quit my job (cornerstone change)

– Leave my partner (cornerstone change)

Don’t start with too many things at ones, start with something small. And when you’re done or it has become a habit, then you can add another thing – and then another.

Step 5. Update and evaluate your plan for your dream life

You should revisit your goals regularly and measure your progress (one of the requirements for an awesome goal). Do you need to change something? Is something gonna take a longer time or a shorter time than expected?

Update and evaluate every once in a while. At least every month if you want to make it easier for yourself to stay on the right track. It’s okay if your goals change, just remember to anchor them back to your core values.

I usually review my progress every week and reflect on what went as planned and what did not. I think that Sundays are perfect days for evaluations and planning of the coming week. And self-care. Don’t forget to give yourself a little love and appreciation.

How to set goals to find and plan your dream life.

How to stay motivated to reach your life goals

When setting a course towards a long-term goal it can be hard to keep the motivation high. Because of that, you need to remind yourself of your goals and why they’re important. 

So how do you stay motivated?

Make mood-board/vision-boards

Collect photos and/or text that remind you of your goals and display them somewhere you’ll see them regularly. That extra hour of responding to emails can be a lot easier if you can look at the picture that can become a reality if you just keep going. 

Read inspiring books

Keep your inspiration flowing by reading (or listening to) success stories or self-development books. If they can – so can you!

Follow inspiring people

Follow people who have made the same journey as you are about to embark on to get tips, tricks, and motivation. 

But be careful not to compare your journey with theirs, because we are all on different paths and has worked for different amounts of time. And no matter what, we are all equally successful and worthy of our goals. 

Smaller rewards along the way (that is connected to your bigger goal)

We have all heard of milestones and I think that they are so important for us to keep up the motivation to reach our goals. Always celebrate progress (because you deserve it!). 

Optimal times are when you’ve reached a significant point or goal on your journey (as your goals should be measurable). Maybe you’ve launched your blog, got your first paycheck or made 50 pushups. But they are equally important when you need an extra boost of motivation and self-confidence (!). 

A tip is to use this celebration to spoil yourself with something extra that also helps you to come closer to your goal. Maybe new workout clothes if the goal is health-related, or a new pretty planner if it’s related to work.

Here’s the free printable worksheet with all of the steps again if you missed it


If you’ve followed all of the steps above – you’re on your way towards your dream life. And I know you can do it – because we’re all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. 

And now I’m super curious, what is your life goal and what are the new habits/cornerstone changes you are gonna incorporate into your life? 

Please tell me in a comment below so we can motivate each other! 

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How to set goals to find and plan your dream life.

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