How to overcome doubts and low self-esteem to feel confident and live your best life.

How to Overcome Doubts and Low Self-esteem to Live your Best Life

How to overcome doubts and low self-esteem to feel confident and live your best life.

Overcome doubt and insecurities

You want to overcome your doubts. You feel insecure, bored and don’t see how you can ever compare to others in your field. This is super common and can be caused by something called imposter syndrome. 

But it can also be caused by low self-esteem, anxiety and a need to compare yourself to others. We all do it, or have it, some times. 

And there is nothing worse than losing your inspiration and motivation to doubts about your ability or worth. 

So I thought I’d share with you my top things to do when feeling doubtful and hopeless. I want you to overcome your doubts and your feelings of not being good enough. 

Because you deserve to feel secure, confident and capable – because you are!

Recognizing and overcoming doubt 

I’d say there are three ways, at least, in which you can identify upcoming doubts and insecurities. And it’s important to catch your thoughts as soon as you can so you can break your thought pattern before it gets overwhelming. 

For each sign of doubts, I describe how you are going to overcome your doubts and start to get back on track – let’s do this.

You get anxious and insecure

As soon as you begin working towards your goal you start to feel uncomfortable and you can’t decide anything. The slightest choice that comes your way takes forever, and you can’t stop to second thought your every decision. 

You probably also have difficulty telling others about your goals. Not because you don’t believe in them – but because you feel quite ridiculous saying them out loud, because how could someone like you achieve something like that? And what if you failed, then it would be just pointless telling anyone at this stage. 

Is this you?

If yes, then I need you to do the following. 

Tell your goals to everyone, no matter how uncomfortable they feel. The more you say it – the more you gonna believe you can do it (and people are often more supportive than we think). 

Divide your goals into smaller targets until they feel achievable. You just have to do this small thing. Don’t think about the big picture – just one baby step at a time. 

Be decisive, when you pick something, don’t look back. Every choice doesn’t have to be perfect. Just keep on going, quite often the first alternative we think of is the best one.

You get bored and unmotivated

Just when you’ve picked up speed in one goal another one comes up that is ten times more interesting. Or your mind tends to wander while doing something that used to be fun and exciting.

Now nothing seems that interesting about it anymore, it’s just complicated and boring.

 (If you really struggle, then maybe your core values aren’t aligned with your goal. Learn more about core values in my post here). 

If this is you I think that you should do this. 

– Go back to the roots. Remember why you made the goal, started the business, begun the journey. Remember why it’s important. Do a vision board, find inspiring accounts that remind you. Just keep that end goal in sight. 

Change it up. You don’t have to come up with a new goal just to find that beginner’s inspiration. Take a new road towards the same goal. Find a new routine, a new style, or a new mindset.

The only important thing is that you travel from point A to point B. So, if you’ve always taken the left path, start taking the right one. 

You start comparing yourself to others

This is why most of us quit. Because how can we do it when someone else has done it 110 times better than we ever could?

This is also the most stupid reason to quit. Because we are all unique and the best versions of ourselves. No one can ever do what you want to do in the exact same way. They may look like they’ve achieved your dream. But the truth is – your dream isn’t for them to achieve. 

Are you guilty of this? Of looking at others with envy instead of gratitude and inspiration?

I know I am, and it’s really hard to not feel discouraged when someone else succeeds and appears to be living your dream. 

This is what I’ve done to quit the comparing game. 

Unfollow and unsubscribe. I know it can seem hard. But if the people you listen to and see regularly quenches your spark instead of igniting it (and this applies to your physical world as well), you should eliminate them from your life or feed. 

Uninstall apps and programs that don’t serve you. This goes hand in hand with advice one. But if snapchat, or any other app or platform, drags your mood down – uninstall. It’s not worth it. 

Fill your space with people that inspire you, for real. Not people that “should” inspire you, but people that actually gets your heart racing and your blood pumping (at least in healthy amounts). 

How to overcome doubts and low self-esteem to feel confident and live your best life.

 3 things to remember and do to overcome doubt and low self-esteem

Three rules to remember and live by if you want to keep negativity at bay and overcome your doubts.

Never quit when in a bad mood (pausing is okay)

Don’t give up on something while you’re in a bad mood or aren’t satisfied. Chances are that you won’t pick it up again as it may give you a bad taste in your mouth. 

At most, take a break. Make yourself some coffee, take a walk, put on some makeup. Then finish it. You will feel a thousand times better than if you’d have quit. And it’s more likely that you’ll return and pick it up where you left of.

Give yourself some love and kind words

Because you deserve it. You work hard doing your best to reach the things you want. That’s more than most of us do. Never forget how much you’ve already accomplished. 

You are strong and inspiring – I think you should compliment the ass out of yourself.

You are your own worst critic

Everybody says it, and even so, we always tend to forget it. Which we shouldn’t because we can be harsh on yourselves. 

Instead of being your own critic, think of your best friend. What would you say to her/him if they were you? 

You would tell them how incredible they were and how much you believed in them and that you supported them, right? So, start treating yourself as you were your own best friend.

How to overcome doubts and low self-esteem to feel confident and live your best life.

17 Mantras to tell yourself when you need to overcome your doubt

Here are some self-love mantras for you to remind yourself of how amazing and powerful you are. Say at least one of them to yourself each day, it’s really just you telling yourself the truth. 

Positive affirmations like this works really well when you need to overcome your doubts, it has for me anyway. 

  • I know I can do this
  • I’m strong and hardworking
  • I will finish this
  • I can create my own future
  • I love myself and will treat myself with respect
  • I’m quite awesome
  • I’m still learning
  • I believe in myself
  • I’m fierce
  • I love doing this, so I won’t quit
  • I’ve done this before, I can do this again
  • I’ve never done this before, so I’m probably awesome at it
  • I forgive myself 
  • When I’ve done this I’m one step closer
  • I’m proud of myself for getting this far
  • I’m not gonna quit this time
  • I’m right where I’m supposed to be

10 places to find inspiration

Here are some inspiration to keep your motivation going when you need to overcome your doubts and building your self-esteem.

Thank you for reading this super long post. I hope that it has motivated you to keep going and reminded you of how amazing and talented you are. It’s important to overcome your doubts so that you can live your best life!

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So, lastly, what are your best tips on getting inspired and confident? 

Please comment below so that we can share and learn from each other!

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How to overcome self-doubt and low self-esteem to feel confident and live your best life.

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