How to find your Core Values and create your Dream life​

How to find your core values and create your dream life

Let’s build your dream life

You don’t know what you want in life. But you do know you aren’t going in the right direction. So where do you go when you can’t figure out what is wrong in the first place? And what are core values?

That was me two months ago. And now I’m going to tell you all about how I figured it out and changed my direction. It’s crazy simple, it just takes a little courage and a lot of willpower. But if I could do it – so can you. 

Why I quit my secure job to follow my core values

First, a little about me. I’ve always been a creative soul with thousands of ideas and things I want to do. I’ve tested everything (or at least it feels like it). 

I’ve been a photographer for the longest amount of time. But I’ve also made videos, painted with everything from oil and watercolor to digital paintings. I’ve begun writing like a million books, and once a year I decide to become a freelance graphic designer

But every time I wake up one morning and the force that has driven me is completely gone. I don’t care anymore. I want to do something else. 

And then I started my first real job after my graduation. Great coworkers, multiple dogs in the office area, a slide, and a lot of fun responsibilities and projects. Wasn’t that exactly what I had been looking for?

Nope. One day I woke up with no motivation. No drive. As usual. 

This wasn’t what I wanted to. I wanted to do something else. Which is completely fine. You must try things before you know what you’ll love. And even if this was a great opportunity it wasn’t what I wanted in my core. 

But all of that I realized afterward when I’d talked to a psychologist. Because my initial feeling was – what the hell is wrong with me? Why can’t I ever just be satisfied? 

That was when I was introduced to core values – and why they are the most important thing for you to find.

How to create your dream life by finding your core values

All about Core Values

Core values are both the reason why you feel, and I felt, unfulfilled. And they’re also what you need to find to enjoy life and become more at peace with yourself.

So what are Core Values?

They’re all about what you value in life – or in different parts of your life. You must align yourself with your core values to feel fulfilled and grounded.

A core value isn’t about where you want to be but more about how you want to feel.

They are the reasons behind your decisions and a compass that guides you towards a meaningful life by your own standards. 

A core value isn’t something you accomplish or reach. It’s something that grows and evolves depending on how you nurture it. 

Examples of Core values and Goals

– If your goal is to accompany your child to soccer practice every week, your core value could be to become a more present och engaged parent.

– Or if your goal is to work from home, your core values could be to be in charge of your own time and to set your own limits

You need to be aligned with your core values

So if you feel unfulfilled and unhappy even if you have “everything” maybe your goals aren’t aligned with your core values.

And more often than not, we aren’t aware of our own core values. So it isn’t that strange that we often feel unsatisfied or unhappy. No matter how happy we think you should be

It’s also important that you follow your own core values. Because trying to live up to other people’s core values is going down a road headed for failure. 

Finding your Core values 

So, how can you find your core values? Unfortunately, there is no quick solution. However, I have collected all the resources I would have loved to have when I was starting to try to figure it all out. 

For starters, I would divide my life into categories. Because, presumably, you don’t have the same core values in all the different sections of your life.

I would divide my core values into these four categories (but feel free to make your own categories that fit you):

  • Relationships

What you value in your relationships with your family, friends or partner. How you’d want to feel in a perfect relationship. 

  • Health/Self-improvement

How you want to feel about yourself; mentally, emotionally and physically. My core values are to be calm and to be able to trust my body (I have some health issues that made trusting my body a challenge – but nothing is impossible!).

  • Work

If you had the perfect job (no limits – live the dream), how would you feel and why would you feel that way? 

  • Hobbies/Spare time

If you could do whatever you wanted in your spare time, think about what you would do – and especially why you would want to do it. 

Think of the underlying reason, that is always were you will find your core values. 

If you can’t find your core values (which is normal, they can be really hard to pinpoint) here are 8 questions that can get you inspired. Follow every answer to these questions with a “why”

8 Questions to help you find your values

  •  If you lived your dream, how would that feel?
  •  If you could only have one thing come true in the future, what would that be?
  • What did you love when you were a child?
  • If you only had one year to live, what would you do during that year?
  • If your future self came back and visited youhow would you want that person to be?
  • If you visited your past self, what version of you would make your past self proud?
  • What kind of people makes you jealous?
  • What are your top three good feelings and when do you feel those?

I’ve found my Core Values – how do I create my Dream life?

Awesome – you now have a direction towards your dream life. But where do you start?  

I’ve created a free worksheet for you to help you collect your thoughts and figure out what you should do next to align yourself with your newfound core values. 

The worksheet is based on an exercise I got from my therapist when I came to him all confused and unhappy. This worksheet made me realize exactly what I needed to change to get the ball rolling toward fulfillment.

A Free Printable Worksheet  – The Bullseye Method

With The Bullseye Method, you can evaluate where you are today in relation to your core values, analyze what’s keeping you on the wrong path and finally figure out what you can do today (yes, you read that right!) to get back on the right track. 

To download my worksheet the only thing you need to do is to sign up to my email list below and then you’ll get a link with which you can download the worksheet – it’s that simple! 

Please let me know how it goes and tell me all about your core values – let’s fill the comment feed with dreams and inspiration! 

Sign up & Download the Free Bullseye Worksheet


The worksheet is based on an exercise designed by a Swedish ACT therapist. My worksheet is my interpretation of the original and what I thought worked best for me. So I thought maybe it could help you as well! 

In my next post, we’ll talk all about how you could plan your life to get closer to that Bullseye and fill your life with happiness and success. Let’s empower each other!

How to create your dream life by finding your core values

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