How to evaluate and assess your current life

How to Evaluate the year and Assess your current Life

How to evaluate and assess your current life

Assess where you are in life and connect with your dreams​

What a year it’s been. I can’t be the only one that’s leaving it more confused and lost than I entered it. But amid all of the chaos 2020 has left behind I must admit that I’ve gotten my fair share of time to reflect. I’ve had time to self-evaluate and dig deep into my true wants and needs in life. And it’s been great to reconnect and to get to know myself all over again. So, I thought that I’d share my process so that you can assess your current life as well.

I think we all need a pause at the end of the year before we run into the future. We need a chance to reflect on what we truly want in life and some time to learn from the year that has passed. We need to know that we’re running in the right direction, even if that means we’re making a turn. We must be on a path towards happiness and fulfillment. Towards the life we dream of.

3 Reasons why you should assess your current life

I’d say that there are three reasons why you need to evaluate your life at the end of the year. I mean, you wouldn’t go shopping without a grocery list. You’d want to know that you’re buying the right stuff (because that pasta-dish wouldn’t be that great without the pasta), you wouldn’t want to bring your old grocery list (that’s just confusing), and you’d want to avoid going past the candy on your way to the checkout (because you know what happens when you shop when you’re hungry).

1. Get in line with your dreams and values

It’s hard to find your way without a roadmap. And by reconnecting with yourself and your wants and needs in life you can build yourself a compass. Because to feel fulfilled and happy you need to know what would make you fulfilled and happy. And that’s not clear cut. It’s often hard to pinpoint and it’s constantly changing as we evolve and learn. And more often than not it disguises itself and makes us believe we want the things that are the most destructive.

And that’s exactly why you need to frequently reconnect and assess your current life. You need to create your map so that you won’t get lost in this thing we call life (if you want to learn how to find your core values, I have the perfect blog post for you here).

2. Give yourself a blank slate

There’s no better naturally drawn border than the new year that tells us that one chapter ends and a new one begins. Every year we get a chance for a fresh start and an opportunity to reinvent and re-evaluate. Of course, if it’s the 25th of September and you read this and you crave a new start, that’s an even better time and place to start over. Because today is the best day for everything.

By assessing the time that has passed and learning from what has been we can empty our mind and our focus. We walk into the future lighter, wiser, and open to new experiences and teachings.

3. Learn from your experience

I guess this one goes hand in hand with the previous paragraph. By learning from what has been we can avoid the mistakes, heartbreaks, and worries of the previous year. We’ll have new tools to handle struggles and knowledge on how to move the mountains we couldn’t even dream of moving last time.

How to evaluate and assess your current life

How to evaluate your life and get in touch with yourself

So, how do you assess your current life and move on so that you can learn and find your direction? It’s simple. It just takes a little bit of time and your willingness to be vulnerable in front of yourself. Because most times it’s hard to be honest with yourself, at least it often is for me.

Sadly we often find it difficult to give ourselves praise (even though we deserve it – and probably need it) as well. And more often than not it’s equally hard for us to acknowledge our own wrongdoings so that we can learn from our mistakes and therefore be better versions of ourselves.

Now is a great time to change that. Let’s re-evaluate and assess how you best can continue towards your dream life.

The 4 steps to assess where you are in life

Here’re the four simple steps you need to take to assess your current situation. It’s really easy and can be done wherever you are. In a car, at home, in a hotel, or in a forest. It’s really up to you.

1. Pick a time and place

Don’t let it be a thing you do when you’ve got the motivation. Make it a commitment. Book an appointment with yourself. Let yourself know that you’re a priority for yourself. Mark a date in Google calendar, then it’ll be official.

Cut out a block of time of at least 1 hour. You don’t want to compete with the clock. You want to be able to relax and feel that you have the time to question all of the assumptions that pop up in your mind.

2. Eliminate distractions

Turn off your phone. Disconnect internet. Turn off the music if it distracts you – turn it on if it helps you relax and focus. Light candles, make a cup of coffee (or tea), or just sit somewhere comfy. Let there only be you.

3. Get to know yourself

Often it’s hard to just start reflecting. You need to give yourself something specific to reflect upon. Therefore I’ve collected a list of 7 questions to help you assess your current life.

And I’ve also created a free printable assessment-guide with 10 bonus questions (17 in total) that you can download by subscribing to my monthly newsletter. There are some great questions that have helped me figure out things about myself I don’t think I’d have learned otherwise.

When answering the questions the most important thing for you to do is to always ask why, because often it’s the reason that’s important – not the actual answer to the question. So just keep asking why until you have no “why”s left.

Free Printable Assessment-guide with 10(!) bonus questions!

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4. Document your thoughts and discoveries

Of course, it’s great to just sit and reflect and question what has been. But it’s hard to remember and to analyze without documenting your thoughts and insights. My suggestion is to use a notebook or your phone to write down the questions and answers as a bullet point list or just as a string of thoughts.

You can also record yourself and listen to it later to take notes and analyze your reasonings and conclusions that way. I myself think it’s really weird to hear my own voice, so a regular old notebook is my best friend when assessing my current position in life.

7 Questions to help you assess your current life

Here’re my 7 questions that you can ask yourself to assess where you are, and want to be, in life. Do you want even more questions? Download my free printable worksheet with this assessment-guide, and 10 bonus questions, in  the section above.

  • If I had to sum up this last year in 1 sentence, what would that be?
  • What results/experiences would I like to repeat next year? And what would I like to not repeat?
  • What were my top 3 lessons learned?
  • Who made me feel happy and confident and who did not?
  • What worries me most about the future?
  • What have I done to be kind to myself this year?
  • In an ideal world, how would I like to describe my life at the end of this upcoming year in 1 sentence?
How to evaluate and assess your current life

4 Ways to regularly evaluate your life and keep in touch with yourself

Woho – you did it! And now you wonder how you can feel this centered and in line with yourself all of the time, right?

There are a lot of ways to constantly evaluate yourself and assess your current life. It doesn’t have to be this huge task that takes an hour out of your schedule every day. It can be a five-minute thing you do every morning, or a 45 minutes session you do every week. But it shouldn’t feel like you’re interrogating yourself and question everything you do. Because that could be just as destructive.

The assessments and reflections should come from a willingness to get to know yourself and to improve your strengths. You should feel empowered, confident, and believe in your own ability. Here are 4 ways to do this.

Ways to reconnect regularly

  • Keep a diary where you reflect on your experiences and feelings
  • Take time to meditate and let yourself let go of everything around you
  • Talk to a therapist, or someone you trust, to help you untangle your core values and connect with what you truly want in life
  • Go back to your most important goals and create your roadmap for how to get there (read my blog post about how to plan for your dream life in 5 steps here).

And now I’m super curious, what accomplishment from last year are you most proud of? Please tell me in a comment below so we can motivate each other! 

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How to evaluate and assess your current life

Free Printable Assessment-guide with 10(!) bonus questions!

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