I quit my full-time job to become Self-employed.

7 Things that made me realize I needed to quit my full-time job

I quit my full-time job to become Self-employed

How I knew I needed to quit my full-time job

Do you feel drained, bored, unhappy or are daydreaming about something else? Then you’re like me. It’s easy to ignore, or miss, the signs that tell you that you need to quit your job and change direction. Which was what I did, until I stopped and listened, and quit my full-time job.

Because of that, we must listen to ourselves and make conscious choices regarding our time and wellbeing. And sometimes that comes with huge change, which is super scary, and that’s okay(and normal). The greatest things come from outside of our comfort zone!

But before I quit my job, I made sure that I had everything(or at least the important things) under control.

It’s important to follow your heart and quit the things that are no longer serving you, but it’s equally important to be as prepared as you can be when you step out into the unknown.

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So, how did I know that it was time to move on from the job that on paper was perfect?

And how do you know if it’s time to search for something new?

7 Signs that it’s time to quit your job

1. Your creativity has disappeared

This was one of the first signs that got me thinking that something was wrong. I’ve always been a creative creature who loves to photograph, draw and write during my spare-time, and who has always been loving to find new creative ways to solve problems at work.

But one day I realized I’d stopped caring. It didn’t matter if I did my very best, it didn’t matter if it was a copy of something else I’ve done, it didn’t matter if it looked quite boring and standard. You just don’t care anymore, at all.

And of course, this doesn’t have to mean anything. You can have a bad day, a bad week or just need to find some new inspiration. But this time, it just didn’t matter how much time I invested, or if I tried my best. I just couldn’t care less. And it didn’t get better over time – it got worse.

After a while, I didn’t even care about being creative at home. And that felt like a big warning sign. Here, I started to realize I needed to quit my full-time job.

Your job should inspire you to be creative and find exciting solutions (at least more than half of the time). And if it doesn’t, you should ask yourself if it’s worth what you’re sacrificing.

2. You get annoyed and unhappy

We all have days when every little thing gets to us. When we don’t want to get up in the morning and the universe seems to work against us. And that’s okay. Every day doesn’t have to be perfect. Or even close to perfect. That’s part of being human.

But when the bad days start overshadowing the good ones, we have to stop and figure out what’s wrong. Because life’s too short for you to be unhappy and for you to be dragging yourself through every day.

Find the things with the most resistant and ask yourself why they bother you. Is it the profession? The workplace? The people? The tasks? Do you dream of something else

Before you can change, you need to know what you have to change. Because if you change the wrong things, you will eventually end up in the same place as you are now.

But to figure out what you feel can be hard. When I need to figure out what I feel I usually try to change one of the components in the equation and see if the way I feel changes.

Here’s an example

How would it feel if you were doing the same work but you could do it from home?

If you feel better, then you probably don’t like your coworkers or maybe the general work environment.

If you feel the same, then it’s something else that’s wrong.

So test different scenarios until you figure out which solution feels best. Then do it. No matter how scary and stupid it feels – your happiness is more important (but always be prepared before doing anything hasty).

I quit my full-time job to become Self-employed.

3. You can’t stop daydreaming about something else

This was my first big sign. I knew I wanted to quit my full-time job and do something else. At some level, I’ve always known I wanted to create my own thing and be my own boss. And after a couple of weeks, I’d already started to daydream about what I actually wanted to do. And after realizing that it was a struggle to keep focus.

So, what’s your dream? What does your heart secretly wish for? Because more often than not, the thing we want more than anything is the thing that’s the scariest to say out loud.

But we need to create awareness of it, otherwise, we will end up miserable no matter how perfect the work we have right now is. What you do must align with your Core values, and if you don’t know what that is, you can read my post here and discover your own values.

So, something as innocent as daydreaming can be a sign from your core that you’re on the wrong path. And not until you’ve made yourself aware of this and changed direction, you’ll feel fulfilled or truly satisfied.

4. Your energy is completely drained

It doesn’t matter how much coffee you drink or how early you go to bed, nothing seems to keep you awake during the days.

This was me two months ago, and it was so bad. I thought it was my meds or my rheumatism, or even the darkness that cover everything in Sweden after 4 o’clock. I came home at six and was ready to go to bed at half-past seven (and sometimes I did).

My energy was just completely drained. And I hadn’t even been doing anything hard, I was just done before I began. I wanted to quit my full-time job every night and just sleep all day.

When you’re that tired, your body is trying to tell you something (it can be a vitamin deficiency, check that first). And it’s super important that you listen because your body is the most important thing you have.

When I changed my mindset and quit my full-time job it was like a mental switch, and I didn’t even realize it. Suddenly my energy was back because I had refocused my energy towards something that also refueled me.

5. Things that used to be fun can’t motivate you anymore

This can be a sign of depression, and should not be taken lightly.

As a disclaimer I must tell you that I’m not a health professional, and if you feel depressed you should reach out to your local health center. I’m only here to try to get you inspired and motivated, and if you need more than that you should contact a professional. I’m thankful for my talks with my therapist, it helped.

But I’d say that if your work gets you empty and unmotivated for things you used to love, you should think twice before going back. I’d quit my full-time job right away (after checking of all of the things in the list at the end of this post).

6. You get a stomach ache every night before work

This goes hand in hand with the feelings of annoyment and unhappiness. And it also is a warning sign. Stomach ache concerning work or an event is often caused by anxiety or stress – two things we should avoid in life (but most of us get sometimes).

Sometimes it also can be caused by simple nervousness, and that’s completely normal and nothing to worry about.

But as with many of the points on this list, it’s first when you can’t get rid of it, or it comes back repeatedly, that something needs to change in your life.

I didn’t get a stomach ache every night, but more nights than not I had anxiety and felt miserable when thinking about going to bed and needing to wake up the next morning. And I couldn’t even understand why, I just couldn’t shake the feeling.

If that’s you as well – that’s a sign you’ve chosen the wrong path, and you need to listen to your body. You deserve better, you deserve to feel excited, happy and strong. It’s never too late to change.


7. You no longer care about dressing up or looking nice

Okay, I’ve never been someone that spends an hour in the bathroom every morning getting ready, but I’ve always loved picking out nice clothes and doing something pretty with my hair. But slowly as the work progressed I stopped caring, because what was the point?

And that’s not right. You should care, you should want to look pretty. No matter if pretty means putting on your makeup perfect every morning or if it means to brush your hair. Confidence breeds confidence, here it actually is fake it until you make it.

So I say, stop doing the things, or job, that makes you stop caring. Instead, you should put on some awesome clothes and dress for success.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the signs? And if so, are you ready to break free?

There were a lot of things I planned and checked off before quitting. Because no matter how badly I wanted to walk out immediately, I had bills and rent to pay. So I made a list for myself and checked off every box before I quit my full-time job.

I thought I’d share that list with you because it helped me get organized and ready. So, to download the list, the only thing you need to do is to sign up for my email list below (you’ll also get a lot of other cool freebies and motivation a couple of times a month).

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I quit my full-time job to become Self-employed.

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