25 Life Lessons I've Learned in 25 Years - and they've changed everything

25 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 25 Years – and they’ve changed everything

25 Life Lessons I've Learned in 25 Years - and they've changed everything

25 Years and 25 Life lessons I’ve learned

Tomorrow I’ll be turning 25, and never did I think that I’d be sitting here with a blog and no 9 to 5 job turning down safety for purpose. But I can’t help to be a little proud of myself (and I must admit a little anxious). But hopefully I’m a little better of with these 25 life lessons then I’d be without them.

So, what have I learned that have led me to make this massive change and go against what everyone has told me?

I thought that this time would be a great one to share some of the things I’ve learned and realized during my 25 years on earth. Because the last couple of years have been quite a ride. Love, loss, dreams, failure, and courage – but that’s life am I right?

Aware of all of the things in this list I’ll be heading into 2020 completely terrified but absolutely determined that this will be my year – and I’m here to bring you on the ride with me as well. Let’s make this the year for all of the creative and coffee-loving solopreneurs out there.

But without further ado, here’s 25 life lessons I’ve learned in 25 years (my favorites are number 10 and 18). 

My 25 Life Lessons

1. The only constant is you

So, make yourself a priority. Don’t spend time pleasing everyone making decisions that only align with their dreams. In the end, it’s only you who are gonna live with your decisions. So make them good for you.

2. You can always, always, change your mind

And oh my coffee have I done this. I think my parent’s hair has become grey because of my constant changes in life. But that’s okay, as I said, you do you. Nothing is ever permanent (and there’s always hair coloring). If it doesn’t feel right – move on, go somewhere better.

3. It’s okay not to be loved by everyone

This was hard for me, but it is true nonetheless. I’ve always felt a need to be liked and always had a hard time when I’ve not understood why someone hasn’t – which is kind of crazy when you think about it. 

We are all different creatures with different goals, likings, and preferences. We must realize that the only people who truly matters are the ones that are important to us. 

4. It always feels worse than it is

I know, it’s a cliche, but it’s true. It will feel better tomorrow. And if it doesn’t, it will feel better in a week, or a month or a year. It always gets easier. We just have to push through.

5. Forgive the ones you love, let go of the ones you don’t

Life’s too short for you to hold grudges. The only one who gets punished for it is you. To move on is to prioritize your own happiness.

6. Imperfections make perfection

I’ve always been a perfectionist. At one point I spent weeks on a personal website that I later deleted because I didn’t find the right font. So unnecessary, because you will never find perfect. 

Perfect isn’t something to find, to find something perfect is to make a conscious decision that it is. And It’s much more fulfilling to finish something imperfectly than to let something go in a search for perfection. 

7. You can never watch enough Friends episodes

I really don’t have anything to add to that. I just love to watch Friends (maybe a little too much).

25 Life Lessons I've Learned in 25 Years - and they've changed everything

8. It doesn’t get easier tomorrow

“I’ll do it tomorrow instead”. Does it ever get easier the next day? no. The next day you just wish you’d done it the day before. So just do whatever you need to do now, it doesn’t get easier tomorrow. Future you will thank you.

9. You can always try again

When you’ve tried something and it didn’t work out as you hoped it would you often put it in a file in the back of your mind labeled “failure”. And then you never look at it again, even if you want to. 

This is something I’ve had to work with a lot, to get back up on the horse. Because nothing is ever a failure until you stop trying. What if your next try would have been your big break? With that said, you can always try again. Nothing is ever a failure until you say so.

10. You never get too old for Disney

You think you’ll be quite grown up by the time you’re 25 – but no. Disney should always have a place in your heart. So, in honor of your inner child, laugh hard, sing aloud and dance like nobody’s watching.

11. Indecision is a decision

Every time you don’t want to decide or take a stand, you do just that. Indecision is a decision, and that can be hard to realize. So I’ve learned the importance of making conscious decisions, that’s the only way to take control over your future. And if we want it to be a good one, we need to take control.

12. Don’t believe in diets

Because diets aren’t for real. They are a temporary fix. And temporary fixes always comes back to bite us in the ass. So instead of trying to take shortcuts, I now try to make small changes to make it sustainable in the long run.

13. When sad, eat pasta

That’s my life motto. Because pasta is the best. But if pasta isn’t your jam, choose something else that gets you full and satisfied. Our greatest decisions are never decided on an empty stomach.

14. Smile, always

Is there anything better than meeting happy people? Isn’t it always kind of contagious? I always try to smile at everyone(not as creepy as it sounds, I promise), because you never know who’s day you’re lighting up.

15. Stay in contact

Okay, this is also a cliché. But it’s true. It doesn’t feel good realizing you’ve slipped away from someone who used to be important to you. So even if you don’t feel like it, make a habit of checking in with the people around you. You will probably not regret it as they are important to you for a reason.

25 things I've learned in 25 years

16. Tell everyone that you love them as often as you can

I’m guilty of being bad at this. But I’m working on it. Because I find it so important to let everyone you love know that you do. You never know who feels lonely, unloved or depressed – and letting them know how important they are can maybe turn their life around. And it comes a time when you no longer can say it – so say it as often and loud as you can while you have the possibility.

17. Forgive yourself

As I said before, life’s too short for you to hold grudges, especially toward yourself. So learn to either make a change or forgive and move on.

18. Everyone is insecure

There are always people who look like they have it all figured out. People that do everything with confidence and seem to never fail at anything. And you know what, that’s a false image. You probably look super confident and successful yourself, even though you feel completely insecure and anxious. Because all of us are. So it’s okay. Be insecure, but do all of the things anyway.

19. Embrace the bad days

It’s okay to feel bad from time to time. Actually, it’s freakin’ human to feel bad some of the days. So don’t feel guilty, irritated, or discouraged. Embrace your bad days, enjoy your bad days. Make yourself something unhealthy and delicious, watch Netflix in the bed all day. 

Let yourself relax and destress. And if you don’t know what to watch, here are my list of 47 tv-series you must watch at least once.

Either you let yourself have a bad day or you shake it off. Don’t drag yourself around feeling miserable. Instead, feel bad, take care of yourself and trust that tomorrow will be better.

20. Swallow the frog

We’ve all heard it. But you need to swallow the frog the first thing you do. If I don’t do the hard things right away in the morning I know that they’ll be the only things I can think about for the rest of the day. So, eat the frog. You’ll feel better afterward. And it rarely is as hard as you’ve built it up to be.

21. Every experience is important

You learn from everything you go through. Even the bad choices, the bad experiences and the memories you’d rather forget altogether. Everything you’ve been through has made you who you are. So even in the hardest of times, try to see the lesson that’ll help you grow.

25 things I've learned in 25 years

22. You are beautiful

Because I think that you don’t hear it enough. You are beautiful. Your eyes are beautiful, your arms are beautiful, your smile is beautiful and your nose is beautiful. We decide what is or isn’t beautiful. And life’s too short to not look at yourself with pride. Because our bodies are incredible and powerful.

23. It’s okay to not know everything

I often feel like a failure if I don’t know everything. But I’ve realized that it’s okay not knowing everything. You rarely need to know all there is, and no one rarely knows it all. Sometimes the best thing is to know just enough because the search for perfection is seldom a rewarding one.

24. The 1-10 scale

When faced with something that gets you annoyed, angry or irritated. Think of a scale from 1-10. 1 being an itch on your nose and 10 being the worst thing you can think of. Where on this scale does your problem land?

Is it five or above, solve it. If it’s four or below, let it go. If it’s less then four, then it’s not worth your energy or for you to get in a fight for. If it’s above five, then you need to air it, discuss it and find a solution.

25. Fear can mean two things

This is something I’ve recently realized. Fear can come from two completely different places. It can be a fear of the unknown, or it can be a fear of the known. It can be a fear with a touch of excitement, or it can be a fear with a touch of dread. 

I’ve realized that fear doesn’t have to be a bad sign. Fear can mean that whatever you think about is important to you. And if it is, then you should embrace fear and you should walk in the direction in which it guides you.

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25 things I've learned in 25 years

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